Radiant Logic, Inc.

Radiant Logic, Inc. is one among the top America software company which provides service in Identity Virtualization Solutions, Identity Integration, Information Security and Data Management. Radiant Logic pioneered its first virtual directory in the year 2000 successfully. Radiant Logic has transformed its innovative and advanced software technology into a complete federated identity service, which helped many of the Fortune 1000 companies to resolve their identity integration and federation issues.

Radiant Logic has mastered in Single Sign-On Software products. With the help of RadiantOne federated identity services which is built on model-driven virtualization technology enables customizable views from disparate data silos, context-driven applications, streamlining authentication, cloud-based infrastructures and authorization for identity management. Some of the top major organizations which have used RadiantOne for speed deployment and cost cutting are British Petroleum, Comcast, Defence Information System Agency, Federal Reserve Bank, Sony, Air Force, Intel, Symantec and many more.


If you want to create a great impact on the web, then you have to provide great service to your users. There are chances where you spend whole lot money in providing Single Sign-On Software services to your users, but most of the cases you fail. Radian Logic has come up with path breaking technology to fulfil all your Single Sign-On Solutions related issues at cost effective prices.

Radiant Logic Federated Identity Service offers logical, simple, safe secured and standards-based access to all the identity in your organization.

RadiantOne is one such application helps you to get the identity the way you want and in a view which is quiet easy to understand. Create a global virtual identity hub with RadiantOne. It designed to solve toughest integrated challenges. The unique thing about RadiantOne Federated Identity Service is fast, cloud friendly and flexible which means you can solve the toughest identity challenges.

    WAM/Portal SSO: Federate authentication and authorization transferring heterogeneous systems to deliver SSO (Single Sign-On) to your portal.

    Cloud Security: is the service where you federate your identity to a single access point where you can access both on-premise and cloud –based applications.

    Directory Virtualization: will create a common and secured virtual identity out of disparate & distributed infrastructures.


A successful identity management project should have CDI initiatives. RadiantOne identity service is one such platform which will help the organization growth and evolving infrastructure at cost effective prices.

RadiantOne is a combination three products which are designed to solve the toughest integration challenges.

    RadiantOne Virtual Directory Server (VDS): Its point-and-click configuration will deliver rich authorization and smart authentication. VDS has advanced virtual directory technology which delivers global identity view and unifies your existing identity investments with increased flexibility, faster deployment and lower integration.

    RadiantOne Cloud Federation Service (CFS): is an identity provider which is heart of the secure federation infrastructure. CFS makes Single Sign-On Software work for all your users on their applications.

    RadiantOne Identity Correlation and Synchronization Server (ICS:) is built on RadiantOne and provides two key services to your identity infrastructure are object synchronization and identity correlation.


Radiant Logic has alliances with some of the giants in the identity management which include CA Technologies, RSA/EMC, Ping Identity. In the 2010 Radiant Logic partnered with Axiomatics to provide service on authorization solution based on XACML standard. It also produces educational webinars on technology research.

What is Single Sign-On ?

Single Sign On (SSO) is a technology where the user’s single action can authenticate, authorize and allow the user to access all the computers and systems where the user has the permission to access, without entering multiple passwords for every single login. Single Sign-On Software can regulate the components of system failures and reduce the number errors caused my humans, which is why the software is highly recommended globally. The Single Sign On Software is tested in different platforms of the industry from financial, clinical and administrative applications. Besides, there are several types of SSO Software to choose from, namely, open source, plug & play SSO and Identity Management Suite vendors. Some of the top of class identity management vendors, all of which have the single sign on feature in their product suite, include Oracle, Sun, Computer Associates, HP, IBM, Novell, Entrust and RSA amongst others.